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Hospitals and Institutions

Hospitals & Institutions Committee:

H & I call: Dean (780) 710-3569

The Hospitals & Institutions Committee meets on the 2nd Sunday of each and every month at 1:15 pm at Jellinek House, 11229 100 Ave, Edmonton). All members welcome. This is the committee that organizes who gets to go to the various treatment centres, recovery program places, prisons and the like and carry the message of Cocaine Anonymous.

Come and be a part of H & I. Everyone is welcome! If you want to go to the facilities listed below and carry the message of recovery, come to the H & I Committee meeting the first Sunday of the month and learn "how it works".

This is step 12 at it's finest!

Once you get some experience under your belt you can become a liaison or contact person for one of the facilities.

Facilities where we do "H & I" include* :

  • AHS (Alberta Health Service's) Detox Facility,
  • AHS Henwood Treatment Center,
  • George Spady Center,
  • AHS Residential Youth Centre,
  • Remand Center,

Come to the next H & I meeting to find out more, or call the H & I chairperson. You can do it!

Phone Number to H & I Chairperson: Call the Hotline and ask for the Chairperson's phone number. Hotline number: (780) 425-2715.

*C.A. is not affiliated with any of these facilities, institutions or programs. We just go to these places to carry the message of recovery.


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